Monday, August 16, 2010

Weather Alert for Singapore App - Be alerted of weather changes

Today, we release Weather Alert for Singapore, the iPhone/iPod Touch app to get customized advance weather forecast alerts using push notification. Weather Alert for Singapore brings the convenience of receiving automatic weather updates around Singapore on your iPhone/iPod. You select the places in Singapore that you want to monitor for weather changes. Alerts are sent to you as soon as the weather forecasts for these places change, even if your phone is off. Using up-to-date 3-hour forecasts from NEA (National Environment Agency), it sends you advance weather forecasts round-the-clock. There's no need to regularly and manually check the local weather website anymore. And you won't miss important weather changes.

There are 4 types of alerts to choose from: when there's any weather change, when it's sunny or rainy, or at every hour. We are planning for more useful alert types. It's free to get the alerts. You get the alerts even when your phone is off or the app is not the active app.

Weather Alert for Singapore is available on the App Store at the launch price of $2.99. Do check it out!

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