Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Game Time Limit for Parent: essential parenting iPhone/iPod app

We have a new iPhone/iPod Touch app: Game Time Limit for Parents. We believe that all parents with young children will love this app :)

The app enables a parent to set a timer that limits the amount of game playing (or screen) time the child gets. When the timer ends, an alarm appears on the screen, stopping your child from playing anymore. The only way to stop the alarm is for him to handover the iDevice to the parent. Otherwise, the alarm keeps appearing.

This is the first and only app that does this. We are really excited about this useful parenting tool.

The app is now in AppStore at the special launch price of $1.99.

Get Game Time Limit for Parents now.


  1. It really needs to count accumulative time up to the daily limit instead of just being a timer. My children don't use their devices in one long sitting. They use iPods on and off between other activities.

  2. Thanks for your feedback Rosa. Your request is a great idea. We are working on the next version of Game Time Limit to address this issue.

  3. Yes - I agree - please update to get a daily usage setting & pause when the unit is in standby. We should be able to set a different time for weekdays & weekends ( i think the best would be to allow a different setting for each day incase the kids are off on a Friday I'd like to allow 2 hours that day & weekends, on school days I'd limit to 1 hour). It would be great to be able to control each of my kids ipods from my iphone. Also, when you are in a game you might need a few minutes notice before locking them out if possible.