Thursday, May 12, 2011

DataMan Pro - analyze your 3G data usage on your computer

New DataMan Pro for iPhone! The most advanced data usage manager keeps getting better. You can now export your 3G data usage statistics and location to your computer. Open the exported CSV file in your spreadsheet to perform all sorts of analysis on your statistics. Plus, visualize your daily statistics in a chart on your iPhone and see more of your data in our enhanced UI.

For a limited time, DataMan Pro is offered at the special price of $1.99 USD. Upgrade now and get 50% off. Thanks for your support :)


  1. As I just got bitten by the AT&T 'phantom usage', this should be of great help (wish I'd had it a few days ago!)... Would be nice, though, to track the usage *by app*! If my usage spikes for some reason, but I have no way of telling which app (or apps) are responsible, that's not as helpful as it could be.

  2. Thanks for your support. We're working on this feature :) Please help rate our app in App Store.