Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DataMan 3 - Most powerful and accurate data usage tracker

Hey, everyone, sorry for going AWOL for quite a while :) We've been really busy inventing new apps!

The first update: DataMan has been upgraded to version 3. The most powerful and precise weapon against data overage charges!

A new awesome feature in version 3 is Precise Tracking. Get precise details of your data usage. You can closely track your data activities every 10 minutes. And, receive alerts the moment you exceed your usage thresholds, without having to open DataMan. All this helps you make smarter decisions to manage consumption and save money.

DataMan 3 is the only tool that can help users identify fraudulent overage charges and verify carriers' records!

DataMan 3 has been highly rated and featured by: MacWorld, AppAdvice, TiPb, The Apple Blog, TUAW, Cult of Mac and many others.

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