Monday, October 11, 2010

iPhoneinCanada Review: Track iPhone Data Usage with DataMan

DataMan app has been featured by - Canada's #1 iPhone Blog.

"Thank God, DataMan is here to save the day!"

"One feature that I really like is the ability to set the billing date. I like this because I can monitor my data usage from the beginning of my billing cycle. Another great feature is the one that allows you to set daily, weekly and monthly data allowances. DataMan also gives you a history of your usage from one day to any other day."

Dear Canadian friends, thank you for you great review and love! Read the full review.


  1. I've been testing your app and it seems that if I turn off the location service to the app it no longer tracks 3G usage. If I turn the location services back on it tracks usage fine. You see this with anyone else?

  2. For proper operation, DataMan requires you to turn on Location Services. This does affect the battery but it's minimal as DataMan uses the low-power location service offered by iOS4 to drastically reduce battery drain. We hope you'll agree that this is a small price to pay for the ability to control data usage and stop overage charges. You'll love the money it saves for you.

    A new and better version is coming soon. In the new version, we have made location services optional. This will satisfy some users who don't want geotag and want to save every tiny bit of battery power. Plus we have some exciting new features too. "This changes everything. Again." :)

  3. I'm ok with paying that "small" price for Dataman to work properly. Perhaps you should specify that Location Services is required as some people may be getting the wrong counts when/if location services is turned off.

    Cheers on a great app and looking forward to the next releases.

  4. Deni: Thanks for your feedback. We did include this requirement in our App Store description.

    Please support us by giving a good review in App Store. Thanks.