Saturday, October 9, 2010

DataMan, real time data usage manager, is James' App of the Week

Wow! DataMan has been selected as the App of the Week by James from Charles Porter, the exclusive provider of the O2 Platinum VIP service.

"With all networks now dropping unlimited mobile data everyone is keeping an eye on data usage. Thankfully on iPhone the DataMan app will monitor your Cellular and Wi-Fi data usage in real time. After getting DataMan you can set it so that you will be alerted of your consumption with customizable usage thresholds."

Thank you James & Charles! Read the full review.


  1. En el iphone 3g no me funciona nada.

  2. At this time, DataMan requires the device to support multitasking. This means iPhone 4 and 3GS. In our future version, we will expand DataMan's support to include iPhone 3G. Thanks for your feedback.