Saturday, September 25, 2010

New App: DataMan -monitor, manage & geotag your data usage

If you have a limited iPhone data plan (that's you AT&T), you need DataMan to prevent additional charges to your iPhone bill. DataMan is the only real time data usage manager that monitors your data usage in the background, keeping a log of your activities. What's more, it geotags your data activities. So you can browse your daily data activities on a map. You can even zoom in on the map to see the time and usage amount for certain places.

To help manage your data consumption, you'll receive alerts when you have exceeded your usage thresholds. There are 4 levels of alert thresholds that you can customize to your needs to prevent additional charges to your bill.

Works with all carriers. Real time tracking, geotagging and notifications.

Don't be a hero. Use DataMan today!


  1. Pretty cool app but it drains my battery and my phone gets warm.

  2. PLC: Strange but this did not happen to us. What is your phone model? You can contact us at with your issue. We like to help you. Thanks for your support.

  3. Good app. Can we have an option to not have Location Services on for it to work in the next version? This would help save some battery life. Thanks

  4. Steven: With the current version, you need to turn on Location Services for DataMan to work properly. DataMan uses the low-power location service offered by iOS4 to drastically reduce battery drain.

    Thanks for your feedback. We are planning a future version without Location Services.