Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DataMan, iPhone Data Usage Manager featured by BestAppSite

DataMan, the must-have iPhone Data Usage Manager is featured by

"DataMan is a neat little App that provides you more real-time data usage information while running in the background under iOS 4. Best of all you can set your own usage monitors and alarms... The App does something that the AT&T methods don't and that is it not only tracks both 3G AND WiFi usage, but it even geotags where you were using the data. This key for travelers that want to data roam." - Terry White,

One point that Terry highlighted which we did not think of is that you can use DataMan to track how much data you are using for a couple of months. With this past usage info, you can then determine if you can switch to a cheaper data plan or not. Thanks Terry for educating us too.

"I too have not seen any significant change in battery life on my iPhone 4 since running the App."
Finally, we are glad that Terry has validated the minimal effect of DataMan on the battery. DataMan uses the low-power location service offered by iOS4 to drastically reduce battery drain. We hope this helps to address any concerns that potential DataMan users may have.

Get DataMan today. You won't be disappointed. Read the full review.

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