Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Flood Alert for Singapore. Rescue your car and property from the Flood.

Today XVision announces a new app for iPhone/iPod, Flood Alert for Singapore, the first and only app to give you advance rain warnings in Singapore round-the-clock using push notifications. Flood Alert is available exclusively on the App Store at the special launch price of $4.99.

Flood Alert for Singapore was created to address the recent flooding problems in Singapore. With our app, you get an alert when rain is forecasted by NEA. This advance rain warning can help you take preventive measures, for example moving your car. We sincerely hope that Flood Alert can help the Singapore people and prevent damages to properties and cars.

You can choose the places/towns (e.g. Bukit Timah, City and many others) you want to monitor for rain or weather changes. When the place rains, you get an alert. Using up-to-date 3-hour forecasts from NEA (National Environment Agency), it gives you advance rain warnings in Singapore round-the-clock.

You can choose to be alerted when it rains, when there’s any weather change, or at every hour. It's free to get the alerts. You get the alerts even when your phone is off or the app is not the active app. The alert appears like an SMS on your phone.

Get Flood Alert for Singapore in App Store.

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