Sunday, November 15, 2009

How to use your iPhone to say Hi?

MyCatchMe is quite a unique app. It is the first design-it-yourself greeting game for iPhone. I created it to make use of iPhone's camera to personalize the user's greeting message in a game.

This is how you can use MyCatchMe. Use your photo (hopefully a well-taken one) as the From person.

Snap a photo of your friend with your iPhone. In MyCatchMe, select the new photo as your To person.

Snap a photo of your surrounding and use that as the background.

Write something funny :)

Viola. You have completed designing your personal greeting game. Now show your phone to your friend and ask him/her to start playing.

Your friend taps and tries to "catch" your ever-moving photo that keeps running away.

Eventually, your friend gives up and sees your message.

So you can imagine how MyCatchMe can be used in various scenarios: send a love message to your partner, meet a new friend, entertain your kids, etc.

Tip: Save any online image found using the Safari browser to your iPhone by tapping and holding onto the image. Once saved, you can use the image in MyCatchMe as the background. Now, you have an endless supply of background images to use :)

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